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    1. Solutions

      Customized research

      According to the personalized needs of customers, relying on our multi-industry knowledge and research background

      Exploring and investigating market opportunity

      We help our clients find the market, enter the market, and advise on investment with the services of consumer segmentation, consumer usage and attitude study and relevant market competition study.

      Positioning study

      Services include market positioning, brand positioning, consumer segmentation and product positioning. Market positioning indicates which segment of the market we should enter, brand positioning decides the brand factors and image to broadcast to the market, consumer positioning directs us to target certain groups of customers and product positioning leads our product development.

      Product development study

      including consumer demand exploration, concept initialization, concept, product and package testing, price testing and sales volume forecast.

      Marketing communication study

      by studying consumers’ product evaluation, acceptance of advertisement script and consumers’ media preference, TSM helps clients to generate the selling point, select advertisement solution and compose the media plan.

      Services in the sales procedure

      include retail shop service audit, price audit, 800 service line audit, and inventory audit. By auditing the whole process that brand manufacturer contacting customers, our clients get to know the fulfillment of market tactics.

      Marketing strategy and tactics evaluation study

      including the satisfaction and loyalty research. By this type of study brand manufacturer can evaluate the market strategy effectiveness and efficiency, meanwhile optimize and upgrade the original strategy and tactics from consumers’ feedback.

      Consumer tracking services

      Consumer life style and purchasing behavior

      Consumer life style tracking study

      Consumers’ purchase behavior, selection of brands and products, and media preference depend on the personal value and life style. So by long-term tracking of personal value and life style with ethnographic, psychological and statistical methods we help brand manufacturers identify and position the target market and provide relevant product and service that meet the market demand.The output of consumer style research is one huge consumer database combined with many syndicate reports to meet kinds of client demands.

      Purchasing behavior tracking

      TSM provides customer purchasing behavior tracking on certain products. This type of services let client deep understand the story behind the purchase, assist client find the advantage and disadvantage itself and make client optimize product and market strategy accordingly. Currently we cover the areas of home appliance, consumer electronics, IT and telecom market.

      Internet Marketing solution

      We can help companies to do the following:Understanding the behavior of Internet users, planning and executing programs for the Internet Marketing, optimizing the Input-output ratio of Internet Marketing, shaping corporate influence in Internet platform.

      Consumer behavior tracking on the Internet

      The traditional business model is changed by E-commerce, consumers' personalized demand is becoming stronger , online shopping and private custom is becoming fashionable,all of this forces a change from traditional enterprise to the Internet. TSM will help enterprises accurately grasp the users' habits on the Internet and adjust business strategy according to consumer demand.

      Internet Marketing Strategy

      The rapid development of mobile Internet has accelerated the changes of Internet usage habits of consumers.Marketing channel layout is particularly important according to consumers' preferences. TSM will provide marketing strategy for enterprises based on consumer Internet use behavior, to help enterprises develop the best solutions of Internet marketing.

      Internet Marketing Executive

      By the in-depth understanding of enterprise content ,we can make plans of Internet Marketing Solutions, which base on products core values, for the company. Through project implementation,we can enhance business or product visibility and reputation, and improve promote sales of products or services.

      Cost Optimization of Internet Marketing

      Based on product attributes,TSM develop the best solutions,which helps companies get the most value Internet Marketing with the least cost.

      Retail solution

      Retail Solution provide the information of traffic counting, Walkbys, Capture rate, Visit duration, Visit frequency & recency, Repeat visit ratio, and engagement & bounce rates. Then we can work out performance improvement solution based on the conjoint analysis with your marketing activities.

      TSM Retail Terminal Platform Architectur

      responsive devices

      TSM Retail Terminal Scheme

      responsive devices
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