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    1. Research Industry

      TSM covers the vertical industries of home appliance, consumer electronics, telecom, IT, Automobile, Finance, Retail, FMCG, battery and material.

      The market of home appliance, consumer electronics, telecom and IT

      The market of home appliance, consumer electronics, telecom and IT is characterized by high freedom, adequate competition and a variety of competing structure in different product markets. We serve our client in the following aspects:

      Explore and Investigate market opportunity

      Discover potential and niche market and then suggest/advise entering route.


      Brand and product differentiation is much more important in fully competing market. We help our clients to precisely identify the uniqueness and consequently the target market of their products.

      Product development research

      comprehensive and clear product map and design is critical for market success. We help our client to realize the highly efficient and effective product management.

      Marketing communication research

      We design feasible communication point, approach and route to help client to achieve maximal customer coverage.

      Services related to sales

      including retail shop service audit, price audit, 800 service line audit, and inventory audit.

      Marketing strategy evaluation

      including ratings of satisfaction and loyalty.

      Consumer style and purchase behavior tracking

      we find out the past, current and the future trend of key parameters such as personal value, life style and purchase behavior, which determine product purchasing by long-term consumer tracking. We help our client identify potential market opportunities, develop the products and then market the products.
      responsive devices

      Automobile market

      International brands have obvious competitive advantages in Chinese automobile market, especially class B and C. Regarding the auto market we provide the following services:

      Positioning services

      including market positioning, consumer segmentation and product positioning.

      Product testing

      including the research of appearance, technical features, size and space, operation, stability, and safety.

      Marketing communication research

      including generating selling point, testing advertisement script and planning media initiation.

      Retail shop sales service audit

      both the pre sales and post sales services.

      Satisfaction and loyalty research

      responsive devices

      Finance market

      Chinese finance market is a partly competitive market lead and controlled by the government capital. With the deeper marketization, more and more private capital have penetrated into the national finance market. The following services are available:

      Mystery shopping audit for retail shops

      Satisfaction and loyalty research

      responsive devices

      Retail market

      Chinese retail market is complex owing to the wideness of coverage and huge regional difference of economy development. We provide the following services: :

      Retail solution

      Retail Solution provide the information of traffic counting, Walkbys, Capture rate, Visit duration, Visit frequency & recency, Repeat visit ratio, and engagement & bounce rates. Then we can work out performance improvement solution based on the conjoint analysis with your marketing activities.

      Wholesaler, distributor and dealer selection research

      help manufacturer to go to provincial and city market.

      Retail shop services, sales and price audit

      Channel satisfaction and loyalty research

      Shop location research

      Product and service positioning research in retail shops.

      responsive devices

      Chinese FMCG market

      Chinese FMCG market is relatively highly marketized, in which the research model and methodology applied easily. The following services are available:

      Explore and investigate the market opportunities

      positioning study

      Services include market positioning, brand positioning, consumer segmentation and product positioning.

      Product development

      including taste testing, usage testing, price testing, package testing and sales volume forecast.

      Marketing communication research

      including selling point generating, advertisement script testing and media planning.

      Services in the sale procedure

      include retail shop service audit, price audit and so on.

      Marketing strategy evaluation

      include the satisfaction and loyalty research.
      responsive devices

      battery and material industry

      We provide technology and product solutions in battery and material industry

      High energy Li ion batteries

      Nanostructured electrode active materials

      Thin film electrodes

      Fuel cell catalysts

      Super capacitors

      Solar spectrum selective absorption coating

      Nanostructured magnetic materials

      Nanostructured filtration materials

      Nanostructrued coatings

      responsive devices
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