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    1. Join us

      You are welcome to join our team if you are a dynamic person who enjoy team-work and like creation and challenges. We offer you unlimited possibilities along your career path.

      Please send your resume to: hr@tsm-rc.com

      Current open position:

      Research Manager/Executive


      1.Project management/operation

      1.1Proposal composing;
      1.2Project designing;
      1.3Project quality control;
      1.4Project coordination with other teams;
      1.5Project reporting;
      1.6Project presentation to clients;

      2.Current client relationship management

      2.2Routine communication with clients, passing on clients’ requests;
      2.3New project development;

      3.Potential client development

      3.1Introduce TSM service;
      3.2Explore client demand;
      3.3New project development;


      1.Bachelor degree, Master preferred;
      2.Major in marketing, statistics, psychology, economics;
      3.More than 2 years working experience in mid- to large-size research
         agencies,international agency preferred;
      4.Good communication skills in speaking and writing;
      5.Fluent English;

      Part time recruitment:

      Please contact us if you are between ages 18 to 35, have a flexible schedule, and would like to explore new working atmosphere.
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