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    1. Solutions

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      TSM Custom Research

      TSM provides customized research and consultation services covering the whole marketing process from market opportunities exploration, brand positioning, product development, market communication to sales audit and strategy evaluation.

      TSM Consumer Tracking Study

      Consumers’ purchase behavior, selection of brands and products, and media preference depend on the personal value and life style. So by long-term tracking of personal value, life style and purchase behavior we help brand manufacturers identify and position the target market and provide relevant product and service that meet the market demand.

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      Sedna blog image

      Internet Marketing Solution

      We can help companies to do the following:

      Understanding the behavior of Internet users,Finding the best breakthrough of Internet Marketing,expanding the new media channels of communication with consumers, planning creative programs for the Internet Marketing, optimizing the Input-output ratio of Internet Marketing, shaping corporate influence in Internet platform.

      TSM Retail Solution

      Retail Solution provide the information of traffic counting, Walkbys, Capture rate, Visit duration, Visit frequency & recency, Repeat visit ratio, and engagement & bounce rates. Then we can work out performance improvement solution based on the conjoint analysis with your marketing activities.

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      Research Industry

      TSM covers the vertical industries of home appliance, consumer electronics, telecom, IT, Automobile, Finance, Retail, FMCG, battery and material.

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      Automobile market

      International brands have obvious competitive advantages in Chinese automobile market, especially class B and C.

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      Finance market

      Chinese finance market is a partly competitive market lead and controlled by the government capital. With the deeper marketization, more and more private capital have penetrated into the national finance market.

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      Retail market

      Chinese retail market is complex owing to the wideness of coverage and huge regional difference of economy development.

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      Chinese FMCG market

      Chinese FMCG market is relatively highly marketized, in which the research model and methodology applied easily.

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