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    1. About us

      TSM is committed to research and consulting on high technological industries and their relevant markets.

      The goal of TSM is to assist customers on developing and marketing new technologies and relevant products. We offer our customers the information on the available and potential technologies as well as the products, and the statistic data and reports on current markets and future prospects.
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      Our History

      2010, founded with headquarters in Beijing, China and Connecticut, USA. It is positioning on professional marketing research and consultation.

      Novembers 2010

      partnered up with the International Economic Research Institute of Nankai University;

      December 2010

      partnered up with the Psychological Research Institute of Beijing Normal University;

      June 2012

      partnered up with the Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua Univ.

      July 2013

      partnered up with university of Alaska, to begin the research of Economic Forecast Module Applying on un-marketing economy system.

      May 2014

      became the member of China Market Economics Society.

      June 2015

      partnered up with School of Design and Arts, Beijing Institute of Technology.

      February 2016

      became the member of China Marketing Association.

      March 2017

      update “Retail Outlet Intelligent Management Platform with Big Data”
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      Our Resources

      As an internationally operated system, we consider it highly important to collaborate with agencies and institutes across the world in order to provide high quality and comprehensive service to our clients.
      • with Nankai Univercity

        We strengthen our macro economy research capacity by collaborating

        with the Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua Univ

        we improve our product concept generation and product design capacity by collaborating

        with Beijing normal university

        we acquire the skills on experimental evaluation of consumer demand and attitude by cooperating

        with Inframat Corp, USA

        material study ability by cooperating

        We joined China Market Economics Society and China Marketing Association

        discussing frequently with top experts on Economics, Market and Enterprise management.

        We set up collaboration with technical experts from Microsoft, Nokia and Nankai University

        improve our developing capability and experience.
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      Our Teams

      TSM group includes the teams in China and USA;

      The Chinese team

      Our team members in China are all experts with experiences on China market research and consultation. They are from famous market research institutes or well-known companies worldwide. We also have part time market researchers who have advanced degrees and high-level education backgrounds.

      The American team

      Our team members in USA are all experts with experiences on product development and research methodology. They have high-level education background, rich research experience and famous company working history. We also have professors and researchers from famous universities and institutes as our outside consultants.
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      Our Advantages

      We have the following advantage as one global operation research agency.
      • Innovation

        Advanced, leading research technology and approach combined with Chinese innovative local application. TSM American team worked out TSM proprietary research model by absorbing and transforming ideas from leading research agencies. While applied in China we optimized and upgraded the model taking into account China’s actual market situation. Meantime we continuously release innovative products, services and business models to meet the requirements from the changing market. Innovation is the soul and foundation of TSM research and consultation.


        TSM obtains relevant data about the industries and market of the major economies based on the United States, the most advanced and ample information platform in the world. It helps us to gain relevant and prompt perspectives and insights worldwide to apply domestically. Meantime we feed information of the Chinese market back to the United States to inspire American capital investments.


        We provide high quality and comprehensive service to our clients by collaborating with famous research agencies from both China and the US. Resource integration is our key strategy which guarantees the advancement and quality of our services.


        The scientific and correct approach is key to success. Our research teams from China and the United States have formed innovatively systematic methodology from market segmentation, brand positioning to custom relationship management by absorbing advanced research method.
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